Trail Membership

Membership of the Lunesdale Arts Trail is open to artists of all disciplines who live and work within the Lunesdale area. If you are interested in joining, please use the Contact Form to get in touch and set things in motion.


It is a requirement that a senior member of the Trail visits your studio or workplace to briefly discuss membership details and view examples of work to ensure the standard of output is in-keeping with membership expectations.


Joining Fee:
The Joining Fee is £150.00 – this entitles the artist to show work during the first year of membership. This includes the publishing of images and text in both the Trails promotional literature and website. Plus the provision of directional signs for Trail events.

Showing Fee:
Following the first year of membership, each subsequent year an artist wishes to take part, a Showing Fee of £50.00 is required.

Membership Fee:
From time to time a member may decide not to show work during the Trail (or for a longer period). In order to retain membership and still have a presence on the website a Membership Fee of £10.00 is required.


Members must exhibit work in their own studio or home. If this is not possible an option would be to reach an agreement with another Trail artist to display work jointly.

The Lunesdale Trail is a non-profitmaking organisation. All revenues generated by fees and the sale of small works are used for the promotion of Trail events.


Trail members hold regular meetings to discuss and arrange the development of the group. Members are expected to attend as many meetings as possible and to assist, where appropriate, with the management and promotion of Trail events.