About the Lunesdale Arts Trail

With its growing popularity and reputation, the Lunesdale Studio Trail is becoming a significant annual creative event in the calendar of the North West.

William Wordsworth in his guide to the Lakes advised travellers to make their approach through the Vale of Lune, saying that “the whole tract was pleasing”. Turner was also enchanted by this lovely valley, sketching and painting many of its views. Now it is the turn of a select band of people of the 21st century to exercise their creative minds and revel in the same environment. And in order to share in their joy of such a place, the Studio Trail was conceived in 1997, so that anyone can come into the Vale and be guided to see creativity at work. Travelling through the pretty stone-built hamlets with the rough moorlands of the Pennine hills in the distance, (a joyous experience in itself) it is possible to meet the individual artists in their different studios and settings. Insights can be gained into how a particular artist works and there is opportunity to buy high quality art and craft directly from them.

From the old Methodist Chapel in Bentham to barn and farm studios in remote locations with stunning gardens, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience Lunesdale’s finest artistic talent.

Lunesdale Arts Trail is promoted by the Association for the Promotion of Art in the Pennines and Lunesdale (APPL).