Best Day

Best Day

Tactile and Video Installations: On-going series of collaborative projects by June Gersten Roberts and Mary Stark with Gerry Turvey, inspired by the wedding dress as a cultural object and weddings as a form of public theatre in which the bride acts a both director and star

Best Day includes location specific and mixed media installations, films, sound recording, made and found objects and drawings

Exhibits include: Dukes Cinema, Lancaster; Lanternhouse International, UK; Lunesdale Arts Trail, UK , Pendle Heritage Centre, Lancashire, Wenning Studios, North Yorkshire


Lily 2008

Digital Short: A haunting tale; a young girl’s nightmare merges into her reality when she leaves home to explore an abandoned ship.

Made with a team of young people from the Furness Peninsular, mentored by June Gersten Roberts (Director), Mary Stark (Producer), Beth Broomby (Writer) Executive Producers; Signal Films and Media Box, UK

Screenings Include: The Cornerhouse, Manchester UK: Exposures Film Festival (Live Wire Management Team Award); Keswick Film Festival, UK (New Visions, Second Prize); Brewery Arts Centre Kendal, UK; Kilburn Film Festival, London, UK; Barbican London;, Children’s Film Festival

The Projectionist

The Projectionist 2007

Digital Short: A tender love story about voyeurism

Director: June Gersten Roberts, Producer: Michelle Eastwood, Writer: Richard Shaw, Executive Producers: Screen Yorkshire and UK Film Council

Screenings include Cannes International Film Festival, France; ; Digi Festival, Florence, Italy; Curzon Cinemas: Soho Rushes Short Film Festival, London, UK; Leeds International Film Festival, UK ; Hull International Film Festival, UK;’ The National Media Museum, UK

As is the mother

As is the Mother 2006

Dance Film: As is the Mother is her daughter... two brides dance within a sumptuous still life

By June Gersten Roberts and Jenny McCabe

funded Arts Council England

Where are You

From Where You Are 2009

Dance Film: visual accompaniment for live performances by Small Things, this fifteen minute film observes movement in the landscape and child-led improvisations as five dancers, (two of whom are children), and a dog, explore a beach in North Wales throughout a wet and windy weekend in January.

Screening Performances Include: Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK; Leap Dance Festival, Liverpool, UK, Lunesdale Arts Trail, Yorkshire UK, Pyramid Centre, Warrington, Cheshire, UK, Rose Theatre, Lancashire, UK

Letter to Mr. X

Letter to Mr. X 2009

Creative Documentary: a poetic, often funny and genuinely quirky portrait of a misunderstood town, seen through the eyes of local young people

Made with young people from the Furness Peninsular, mentored by June Gersten Roberts (Director), Kate Marshall (Producer), Beth Broomby (Writer); Produced by Signal Films and Media Box UK as part of the Digital [Re]Generation scheme


Grey 2006

Dance Film: close focus and subtle shifts of light generate mystery and suspense as a solitary dancer ascends a stairwell

Director, June Gersten Roberts, Dancer, Alice Jordan, Camera Sean Moody, Music, Howard Haigh, Funded by Arts Council England

Screenings include, World Dance Day, Guildhall, Preston, UK, DanceVideo Festival, Thessolinki, Athens, Greece

Singular duality

Singular Duality Part Two:

Dance Film: interlude for live performances of Singular Duality, this two minute film observes dancer Lisa Dowler and her two year old daughter, drawing an intimate portrait of a mother and child relationship